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Beyond Numbers Table of Contents

Cathy Brady put this web site together long after she was employed at the Maryland Science Center. She clearly has too much time on her hands or else she has a strange idea of what fun is. All mistakes mathematical, typographical, judgemental, or hypertextual are hers.

Exhibit Components - What's in the Beyond Numbers exhibit? (below)
Teacher Manual- field trip suggestions and school classroom activities related to exhibit components
Museum Explainers and Demonstration scripts (below)
Museum Classroom Activities (below)
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Exhibit Components
The exhibit was designed in three sections. 
The design process was interesting in itself. DD Hilke, the exhibits director, presented a talk at a conference about our team's processes of work and decision-making. I think this talk was as as fascinating a product of our work as any of the components.
Finding Patterns
Playing with Abstractions
Solving Problems

Museum Explainers and Demonstration scripts
Math Games of Africa Demonstration
Bakuba networks
Bean Game
Mancala - simple rules
Evening with an Odd Count Demonstration
Knots Explainer
Soap Films Explainer
Bracing Explainer
Beyond the Wall game Explainer
Quilts Explainer
Symmetry Explainer
Binary Number Explainer

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